Top 5 International Places to Invest in Real Estate

Real estate is an area of great interest of investment for people of all kinds of backgrounds. But it’s also a feared area, as economic bubbles around the world usually ends turning off the dreams of thousands of people. What to do in this case? The right way to solve this problem is to have many options of investment and to investigate the best places overseas. As economics are very dynamic, some say we are witnessing a golden age of real estate investment across the globe. In this article, we bring five interesting opportunities overseas to invest in real estate.

Real Estate

Algarve, Portugal:

One of the most beautiful sights on the Iberian coast, Algarve is situated on South Portugal, a very traditional touristic place where good food and outstanding littoral nature attracts millions of people every year. But it’s not just a good place to spend your vacations. Even with values moving steadily up since initial recommendations about two years ago, it’s a good place to invest in long-term, because properties there will hold its value due to restrictions on coastal constructions. Foreigners can find good bargains, and prices are discounted further for buyers from USA with dollars to spend.

Medellin, Colombia:

Before famous only because of its legendary drug cartel wars, immortalized on the Netflix “Narcos” series, Medellin changed a lot on latter years. Now this is Colombia’s most popular tourism destination, becoming an international travel destiny for millions of people around the world. Lots of opportunities are within sight, as U.S. dollar is at a record high against the Colombian peso, making this undervalued market irresistible. Middle class is expanding quickly, so neighborhoods have the tendencies to get better every day.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico:

Located on coastal Mexico, on the place know as Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen has much more to offer than incredible and unforgettable vacations. Although property prices are not so low, the profits on investments worth a lot.  Real estate usually is traded in US dollar, but keep in mind your expenses are in pesos, that is on all-time low compared to the American currency.

Da Nang, Vietnam:

Southeast Asia is always a wonderful place to spend your time, especially when it comes to have the time of your life. But know you also can profit on it, as Da Nang is becoming of the world’s most wanted places to buy luxury houses, with highlights for its modern villas built near the Oceanside. Prices are not so low, but for those trading in US dollars there are incredible advantages. Perfect to invest on long term too, as the region is growing faster, as well quality of life is getting better.

Cape Verde, Africa:

An old Portugal colony located on the Western coast of Africa, Cape Verde (Verde means “green” in Portuguese language) is a great deal for everyone with an open mind and a long term investing possibility. The country has investing heavy on infrastructure on latter years, as well offering tax incentives to private investors.

Top 5 International Places to Invest in Real Estate