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Top 5 International Places to Invest in Real Estate

Real Estate

Real estate is an area of great interest of investment for people of all kinds of backgrounds. But it’s also a feared area, as economic bubbles around the world usually ends turning off the dreams of thousands of people. What to do in this case? The right way to solve this problem is to have many options of investment and to investigate the best places overseas. As economics are very dynamic, some say we are witnessing a golden age of real estate investment across the globe. In this article, we bring five interesting opportunities overseas to invest in real estate.

Real Estate

Algarve, Portugal:

One of the most beautiful sights on the Iberian coast, Algarve is situated on South Portugal, a very traditional touristic place where good food and outstanding littoral nature attracts millions of people every year. But it’s not just a good place to spend your vacations. Even with values moving steadily up since initial recommendations about two years ago, it’s a good place to invest in long-term, because properties there will hold its value due to restrictions on coastal constructions. Foreigners can find good bargains, and prices are discounted further for buyers from USA with dollars to spend.

Medellin, Colombia:

Before famous only because of its legendary drug cartel wars, immortalized on the Netflix “Narcos” series, Medellin changed a lot on latter years. Now this is Colombia’s most popular tourism destination, becoming an international travel destiny for millions of people around the world. Lots of opportunities are within sight, as U.S. dollar is at a record high against the Colombian peso, making this undervalued market irresistible. Middle class is expanding quickly, so neighborhoods have the tendencies to get better every day.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico:

Located on coastal Mexico, on the place know as Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen has much more to offer than incredible and unforgettable vacations. Although property prices are not so low, the profits on investments worth a lot.  Real estate usually is traded in US dollar, but keep in mind your expenses are in pesos, that is on all-time low compared to the American currency.

Da Nang, Vietnam:

Southeast Asia is always a wonderful place to spend your time, especially when it comes to have the time of your life. But know you also can profit on it, as Da Nang is becoming of the world’s most wanted places to buy luxury houses, with highlights for its modern villas built near the Oceanside. Prices are not so low, but for those trading in US dollars there are incredible advantages. Perfect to invest on long term too, as the region is growing faster, as well quality of life is getting better.

Cape Verde, Africa:

An old Portugal colony located on the Western coast of Africa, Cape Verde (Verde means “green” in Portuguese language) is a great deal for everyone with an open mind and a long term investing possibility. The country has investing heavy on infrastructure on latter years, as well offering tax incentives to private investors.

Top 5 Websites for Mustang Valley Properties

A spacious, modern home at Mustang Valley, Texas. SOURCE: www.nhdbuzz.com
A spacious, modern home at Mustang Valley, Texas. SOURCE: www.nhdbuzz.com

Mustang Valley had its beginnings as farmland, proclaimed for European Expats who wanted to start a new life in Texas. Mustang Valley now grew to a thriving, modern neighbourhood that offers a lot more than a house.

A modern, sprawling home resplendent in verdant greens and colorful flora.
Welcome to the neighborhood! Mustang Valley homes are located in peaceful communities with lots of space to enjoy.

Development of the neighborhood started in 2005, and can now boast a community bursting with possibilities and striving for a bright future. Mustang Valley is home to many families and still grows daily. As a community, Mustang Valley offers a wide variety of community-based activities that focus on the enhancement and preserving of the quality of life, of the families who call it home.

Great house with a pool at Mustang Valley Texas properties.
A rock pool for cooling down from the Texas heat. SOURCE: images1.estately.net

If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful community, this is the place for you. Whether you are a single professional person, a family with school-aged children that is always busy or a retiree, Mustang Valley can provide what you’re looking for, and will welcome you to the neighborhood.

Mustang Lake Homes, beautiful prime properties.
Tranquil and peaceful. Mustang lakes homes provide more than a shelter for your family.

Mustang Valley Properties can provide you with all the information you might need to find a home in this wonderful community.

Top 5 Websites that will show all you need to know about Mustang Valley Properties:

1. Mustang Valley Homes for Sale & Real Estate (San Antonio)


Facade of property on sale at www.homes.com
Facade of property on sale at www.homes.com

This website will provide you with listed properties, for sale or rent, what each property can offer, for instance, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the property value, and the prices. There is a Q & A section if you need answers to certain things or you can contact the office at the given telephone numbers or email address.

2. Mustang Valley Homes for Sale in San Antonio TX


Listed property at www.realtydigs.com
Listed property at www.realtydigs.com

Not only will you find listings of properties for sale on this website, it also gives information and statistics on the homes listed. The average square footage of these homes is 2056 and the most of these were built in 2009. They give statistics and advice on the lower times for sales and the times when sales are higher. You can also find information on schools and the great educational opportunities that are available. Contact them via telephone or email.

3. Mustang Valley – San Antonio, Texas / Neighbourhoods.com


Sample listing of properties for sale at www.neighborhood.com
Sample listing of properties for sale at www.neighborhood.com

Giving you quick facts on prices, types of housing, and lot sizes, this website can help you find the property you need. Mustang Valley is a community with numerous available amenities, all for the enjoyment of the residents. Another benefit for families moving to Mustang Valley is a great many playgrounds and parks that are always nearby. If this sounds like your type of neighborhood, contact any agent listed on our website.

4. Mustang Valley Homes & Real Estate For Sale – San Antonio


property listed at c/san-antonio-mustang-valley-homes
property listed at c/san-antonio-mustang-valley-homes

You can search all the newest listings of the day and also browse through the older listings on this website. You can conduct the search either by the lot size, property size, the bedroom or bathroom count and more in the preferred way you like to search. Selling or buying, you can contact them toll-free.

5. Mustang Valley


Welcome page of www.mvoa.org
For more information on community activities, visit www.mvoa.org

This community homeowners site provide the information about all events taking place, the date of meetings, Homes available for sale, and actually, anything you might like or need to know about the happenings in your community.

These 5 websites will give you everything you need to know about Mustang Valley Properties.

Benefits of a Real Estate Agent Career

Real Estate Agent Career


It is common sense professions have their pros and cons, almost all of the professions out there can benefit you greatly if you just open your eyes to see the opportunities in personal growth presented by that career. Oh, personal growth, really? I just want to make money, loads of money, infinite money, the kind of money that will accompany me to the afterlife! OK. But if you don’t think like that and is or is thinking about become a real estate agent this little article is for you. And for the record, I’m not saying you should not worry about money and property, you should, but I dare to say it’s not healthy to only worry about this things. Nevertheless, you can make a  much money as a real estate agent, real money if you know what I’m talking about, and this is a benefit, a great one isn’t it?

Real Estate Agent Career

Another benefit is getting to know many different people and by many I don’t mean a couple of hundred folks, maybe a bit more. I mean thousands and thousands of people. Can you imagine the human diversity that comes with this kind of number? After just a few years of hard work you’ll be able to recognize personality traits, lies and intentions better than most people. You’ll absorb temperamental nuances like no other and besides you’ll surely make a huge bunch of important contacts that may end up being good for your professional or personal advancement.

The city will be your workplace:

Another benefit is you’ll get the best of two worlds. As a real estate agent you’ll spend a great deal of time in the office, but you’ll also spend a great deal of time outside! You’ll you never get exactly tired of your workplace because the city is your workplace. And that’s because I’m not considering real states agents that cover neighboring cities. You get to sit there in the office doing paperwork, you get to drive across the city, you get to walk through neighborhoods, you get to experience many types of environments. It is a rich career.

I cannot forget to mention one very important and useful detail: You’ll know which constructors companies are trustworthy and which ones you should avoid at all costs. You can use this not only to gain your clients’ trust and make more money, but to your advantage in the event you need to hire some of these companies.

You will also learn a fair amount of architecture, which is amazing, specially if you’re planning to build your own place. That is also useful if you need to escape a building for some reason some day. With all the architectural information inside you head you can better plan your escape route.


I could not go away without remembering that you may have a special place in the hearts of many people. Buying a house is a special moment in the life of people, and if your service is performed flawlessly you will end up being a significant part of such treasured moment; thus the clients shall remember you as some sort of angel who helped them at such precious moment.

5 Things every Real Estate Pro should know!

Real Estate Pro

A pro in any field is one who is ahead of the pack in the race for excellence. A pro knows his industry in and out and is well equipped to use every situation to his advantage. A pro understands the changing dynamics and works on future strategies while everyone else is still trying to catch up with today. So what does it mean to be a pro in the real estate business? What is the strategy adopted by the Pros to rake in the money? Here are five things, which every real estate pro knows and uses.

Real Estate Pro

1. Study Local Pricing:

Real estate is one business where you have to have your ears to the ground. If you are looking to invest in real estate, the first thing you must do is study the current prices in the area.  Also, look at the past trends- are the prices going up or down? At what rate is the acceleration taking place? Now check out the prices in the surrounding towns. A comparison of the prices and brief analysis can help you identify the location with the most demand for real estate. As you keep studying the trends and prices, you will naturally develop the ability to judge the fair price for any property. As time goes on you will also be able to predict in which direction the market is heading. The knowledge of local prices is particularly useful to those who are looking to buy property at the lowest possible price. How do you go about collecting information about local prices? Realtors and real estate agents are the best source of information about property prices. You can also study the local newspapers, and browse the internet for latest prices. The town hall often has records of recent property sales, which can point you in the right direction.

2. Get Pre-approved for a Mortgage:

If you are pre-approved for a mortgage life becomes much easier when investing in real-estate. A pre-approved mortgage means you are creditworthy and lenders will be willing to lend at a lower rate of interest. With financial backing, you also become a preferred buyer from the seller’s perspective who are looking for quick settlements.

3. Look for a Catalyst & Explore Low-Tax Alternatives:

When considering prospective investments look for an area that is likely to grow in the future. Development of infrastructure in an area is an indication of a spurt in growth. It is easy to identify new developments. Just a drive around the town can reveal signs of developments like a land clearing, widening roads, and new traffic lights. A visit to the local administration can help you find out about any new projects that are coming up in the area. If you develop a knack for identifying growth zones you can make big profits over time.

When two neighboring towns charge different rates of property taxes, the one with the lower property taxes will attract more people for obvious reasons. Real Estate agents are well aware of areas with the best and worst tax structures. Tax assessor can help you in knowing the tax rates and if the rates are set to be revised shortly. Towns that are getting overcrowded will most likely hike taxes in future.

4. Check the School Rankings:

Almost all states rank their schools, and this rating gives you a fair idea of the areas that are in demand. A quality school is always in demand and proximity to the school will be a factor influencing homebuyers.

5. Watch the Outskirts:

The outskirts of towns in which the properties are overpriced will most likely see a spurt in demand shortly. Areas close to bus and rail transportation facilities are the most likely to attract more buyers.

What is the Difference between Real Estate and Real Property?

Real Estate and Real Property

While discussing investments, you might have come across the terms real estate and real property. It looks like both are the same. Right? Real property includes real estate and a bundle of rights. So, what exactly are real estate and real property?

Real Estate and Real Property

Real Estate:

Real estate means land, and any human-made structure permanently attached to the land. Real estate also includes all the natural resources under the land. If you take a farm as an example, the land, the farmhouse, barns and other permanent structures on the land are all part of real estate. Even the crop and trees on the land are part of real estate. The animals, however, are not real-estate as they are not attached to the land in any way.

Real Property:

Real Estate is a lesser-known term, and most people are ignorant of the legal implication of the term. Real property includes a real estate, and it consists of a bundle of rights. Bundle of rights refers to the rights of a property owner. Therefore, real property includes both physical objects and legal rights. However, real estate merely applies to the physical property. So what are the rights that we are talking about for Real property?

Bundle of Rights:

The bundle of Rights comprises of five different rights of the property owner.

1. The Right of possession:

The right to possession is given to the titleholder of property. The titleholder is considered the owner of the property. This right is usually not limited barring a few exceptions like the titleholders failure to pay property taxes.

2. The Right of Control:

The right of control allows the titleholder to use the property in any manner he pleases without breaking the law.

3. The Right of Enjoyment:

The right of Enjoyment enables the titleholder to indulge in any activity he finds pleasurable while he is on the property.    However such actions should not be illegal.

4. The Right of exclusion:

The Right of Exclusion allows the titleholder to decide who can or cannot enter the property.

5. The Right of Disposition:

The Right of Disposition enables the titleholder transfer ownership either permanently or temporarily to another qualified party.

Real Property Vs. Personal Property:

We have discussed real property and its significance. All those properties which are not real property are personal property.

Sometimes a personal property can become a real property. For example, if a house owner buys a Jacuzzi, it becomes a personal property. However, when he installs the Jacuzzi it becomes attached to the land, and it becomes a fixture, which is real property. This process of converting personal property to real property is called annexation. Likewise, a real property becomes a personal property when it is dismantled from the land.

In summary, real estate is land and everything attached to the land, including the resources below the soil. Real property is real estate along with the bundle of rights that protect the rights of titleholder.

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